3 Events you NEED to know about!

We are heading back into Growth Groups this next week coming up. This is a quick summary of how the next five weeks will play out.

Growth Group Schedule

  • Week of October 22nd-Inside Out 2

    • October 27th, 28th- I love CV

  • Week of October 29th- Inside Out 3

  • Week of November 5th- Story Night

  • Week of November 12th- End Party

    • November 17th- Worship Night

Top 3 Events you NEED to Know about!

  1. I Love CV (October 27th/28th)- EastLake Church is canceling services October 27/28th onsite at our physical location and instead go BE the church in our city. We have over 160 projects for you to choose from. If you can, tell your students about the project you are in and ask them to join you!

  2. Story Night (Week of November 5th)- This is will be a chance for your own students to talk about their own transformation stories over the past three months of being in Growth Groups. Click the link so you are well prepared.

  3. Worship Night (Friday, November 17th at 7 PM)- We will have all leaders and students ascend into the main auditorium for amazing worship!

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