5 Things to say in an LGBTQ+ Convo

I hope the first week back of Growth Groups went well. I heard a lot of great feedback. Since Growth Groups started back up again, I wanted to share a summary of the LGBTQ+ meeting we had. Let me know if you have any further questions!

If you have a conversation with a student about the sensitive topic. Here are the top five things to say in an LGBTQ+ Conversation:

  1. Would you tell me more of your story? - This question helps our students know we are seeking first to understand them instead of being understood ourselves.

  2. It must be a hard season you are in. - To empathize with the confusion and frustration that sexual identity can bring for our young people is integral. This questions builds trust.

  3. You are brave to share your story. - This is encouraging the person, not encouraging the decision. To recognize the vulnerability that it takes to share this with a leader helps the student know you are on their side.

  4. How have others responded? - This question can give you a wonderful gage on what feedback this student has already heard. You advice should be shaped by this, knowing to speak more from a place of grace or truth.

  5. When you are ready, I'd like to share with you what God says. - So many times we force feed people the gospel. This does not accomplish anything. We wait on God instead of trying to jump ahead.

Malik Earnest3 Comments