Above & Beyond

Last week before spring break! Here we go! Over the course of the past two weeks, I have issued the challenge to:

Contact our students outside of Growth Group every week

Through this season, there have been three people who have gone above and beyond to make this happen

  • Ben Martinez
  • Ray Miranda
  • Ensephany Estrada

These three young adults have made a concerted effort to make themselves available to their students. They have overcome the fear of students not responding to texts by understanding that, for their students, simply to see their leaders on their phone means that they care, past Growth Group.

Ensephany wrote this prayer request in her attendance report. I believe this is a prayer we should all be praying. I will be continually praying over everyone this week:

As Leaders let us strive to be present in their lives, not just during Growth Group but in the day to day. 

Malik EarnestComment