1. Week of January 22nd- Get to know Event

  2. Week of January 29th- More Than Friends 1

  3. Week of February 5th- More Than Friends 2

  4. Week of February 12th- High School: More Than Friends 3 ---- Middle School:  More Than Friends 3

  5. Week of February 19th- More Than Friends 4 (Presidents Day)

  6. Week of February 26th- Haters 1

  7. Week of March 5th- Haters 2

  8. Week of March 12th- Haters 3

  9. Week of March 19th- Spring Break

  10. Week of March 26th- Spring Break

  11. Week of April 2nd- Spring Break

  12. Week of April 9th- Know God 1

  13. Week of April 16th- Know God 2

  14. Week of April 23rd- Know God 3

  15. Week of April 30th- Know God 4

  16. Week of May 7th- The Ask (Guys ask girls)

  17. Week of May 14th- Testimony Night

  18. Week of May 21st- Fun

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