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Hello Friends!

This is our last week in the series "The Greatest". Please keep these two events in mind as you head into this week of Groups:

  1. Big Splash Weekend-  Have your Group come to Big Splash Weekend this next Saturday, September 8th at EastLake Church (Upper Campus). The event will be in the upper campus back parking lot. We are going to have water slides, shaved iced, Hawaiian Pizza and much more! So, have your students come in something they can get wet in and also a change of clothes.
    1. 678- 4 PM to 6 PM
    2. High School- 7-8:30 PM
  2. LGBTQ+ Conversation- The next Saturday after Big Splash Weekend, September 15th, we are all going to get together that Saturday night to talk through the question below. We have decided to postpone this past weekends training for this conversation. Here is the question we are answering:

How do we answer questions about the LGBTQ+ Community?

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