Know God (Curriculum)

Being a kid there was so much color and creativity everywhere I went. A swingset can be transformed into a spaceship and my fort of blankets was a mansion in my mind, can I go back to a place of wonder? 

I do teach the curriculum confidently feeling equipped because I take 30 minutes to read, pray, and reflect beforehand. I even love my students generously creating a human connection through text and hangouts. But I don’t know how to take my Growth Group to the next level. My group is vibrant and meaningful but I want to keep progressing, what’s the next step?

I believe every person is an artist, some people have found their canvas and other have not. We have ideas, dreams, thoughts, and fears which can be communicated. I am here to say that you have a canvas, your growth group.

Dream of different ways to connect with your students and think original ideas that make the Jesus story real. You have the opportunity to put your own stamp on your growth group, make it you because God works best when we are living into our own personality.

My challenge for this series is that you get creative with your growth group, break the creative box that you have been in for so long and express your creativity through your tribe of students. That might mean baking cookies together or volunteering at a homeless shelter together, whatever it is, go for it.

What creative ideas could you implement to make the Gospel message come to life for your students?

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