More Than Friends (Curriculum)

Sitting in front of my students, I don’t what the heck the questions mean or how it relates to the verses, panic sets in but I have to appear confident.

I’ve been in this situation more times than I would like to admit, I know I can’t teach my students something I don’t know so I leave frustrated but more importantly feeling not equipped to lead a Growth Group.

So how do we go from insecurity to security with the curriculum so we can have a great conversation with my students instead of dry awkwardness? Imagine not stressing over the curriculum and connecting with your students on deeper than ever before. Is it possible?

The good news is that this blog is your answer to this problem.

If we can spend 30 minutes reading, praying, and reflecting on the curriculum, we feel not only equipped but confident and excited to share and teach.

For the first four weeks of curriculum we will be discussing dating relationships. From how porn affects the way we view people, to picking the God perspective when it seems impossible..there is a lot of wonderful stuff.

I would strongly encourage that we spend at least 30 minutes every single week to reading, pray, and reflect over the one page PDF. Your leadership will be transformed because you will not be stressing over the curriculum AND connecting with your students on deeper than ever before.

Click here for the Curriculum

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