Relationally Driven Movement

  1. We added 13 new groups over the fall season.

  2. We had 37% roster growth over the course of 3 months during the fall

  3. We added 24 Group Leaders since the summer.

With all this growth, something still felt missing. We were growing like wildfire but nothing was burning in me. Every week I would lead my students during Growth Group, I would help lead out weekend events, and then I still drove home in my car feeling, restless.

Journaling my thoughts one day in November: “Our events are amazing, the growth is remarkable, but attempting to grow wide has led to the sacrifice of relational depth.” 

In one of out long brainstorming sessions, Keith Smith stands up and says: ‘I think I have it! After praying and deliberating, I feel God is leading us towards a three word movement. This will begin with a relationally-driven ministry.

This semester I am going to go beyond the event of Growth Group and create a human connection with my students. That’s my promise to God. Finding rest is not enough, finding rest...together is God’s vision for our lives.

I want to invite you into a brand new year where we have the potential to dive deeper into our student-leader relationships. Where a movement of authentic community can be built, but it starts with us.  If we can’t do this then we’re just a event based, and that’s not what God has in store for us.

We were an event based ministry. Now we’re a relationally driven movement.

Malik EarnestComment