The Most Available

Wow! What a week. I met with five people from our tribe (those of us who are leading student growth groups) and I was shocked to see excitement, and a willingness to learn! We are still on the challenge of contacting our students outside of group every week.

Know that our students don’t go to the best expert but they go to the most available. It doesn’t even matter if they respond to your text, fear of rejection will always hold you back.

I text every single one of my 29 students every week. My group is growing tremendously not because they’re texting back, but because they’re seeing my name on the phone EVERY single week. Many of of those students have never responded to one of my texts, but feel safe enough to talk to me about a destructive relationship in their life.

Show your students that you are available, every week, whether it be a text, a homework at Starbucks, the fact that you are trying, that you are making yourself available every single week to develop a relationship with them matters more than the response.

A great example of someone doing this very well is Jeannie Baldomero. She leads a driving group of six graders who love her because she is very intentional with them and makes yourself available. She went to the Greatest Showman with many of her girls during one of the weekend nights. Many people would tell her, "Wow! You made such a sacrifice!" But to her, it was just another opportunity to make sure her students know that she is available for them to talk. This matters.

Relational generosity is giving and not waiting for the other person to respond to do it again.

Make yourself Available for all of your students by contacting them outside of Group this week.

Malik EarnestComment