Top 3 Games of the Week

Every week I will post three games that can be practically used!

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1. Name Bingo

This group ice breaker game can be done with any size of group and it works perfectly even when no one has ever met before. Each person needs to complete their bingo sheet by meeting a selection of different people who fit in each category of the grid. A seriously awesome mixer game!

Growth Group Note:

  • You need at least 12 (Write your name twice) or 24 (Write you name once)
  • You need to print out Bingo Sheet Below and have pens

Click here for Bingo Sheet

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2. Secret Identity

This is a good group game to get people to start mingling - and that's why it's it featured here. When you have a group full of people who haven't spoken to each other, this is a great quick icebreaker game to use.

Growth Group Note: You need Paper, Sticky tape, and Pens

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3. Mix and Meet (The M&Ms Game)

Any ice breaker game involving food is surely worth playing. Mix and Meet uses M&Ms to help a small group get to know each other. This is a perfect fun game to kick of a small group discussion, a team building event or even a one on one meeting.

Growth Group Note: You need one or two packets of M&M's

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