Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Camp United take place?

Camp United will take place a Pinecrest Christian Conference Center in Twin Peaks, Ca.  You can find out more about the actual camp at

When do we leave?

Arrive at 10:30 AM on June 14th. We start loading buses at 11:30 AM and we leave at 12 PM. Please bring a packed lunch to eat on the bus.

When do we come back?

We come back June 18th around 1 PM

What is the daily schedule like?

Each day is designed with three things in mind: building relationships with peers and adult mentors, discovering life applicable truths from scripture and having fun!  These goals are accomplished through small group interaction, large group teaching and worship, recreational competition and free time.

Is it good for Middle Schoolers to be at camp with High Schoolers? 

It is definitely a large age span.  Ideally the camp is designed for students who have spent at least a year in junior high (either in school or their church's ministry programming).

Who are the volunteers attending?

All the staff and volunteers are from Eastlake Church and networking churches. Each has been out of high school for a minimum of one year and have gone through a background check. Additionally, they have been trained for the camp experience by Eastlake staff.   The student:volunteer ratio while at camp will be approximately 6:1.

What does the cost cover?

The camp cost of $299.00 covers all the essentials - lodging, food and transportation.  Students may want to bring a little extra money for snacks during the day and camp memorabilia.  Individual campuses request a small surcharge.

Can my child invite a friend?

Not only can your child invite a friend, students are encouraged to bring them!  If a friend accompanies you child, arrangements will be made to make sure they are in the same lodge.

My child doesn't really know anyone at church.  Is this an event I should encourage her to attend?

Absolutely! Every year there are a number of kids who are "hesitant" to attend.  From the time they set foot on the church campus to check0in, the entire experience is designed to connect them with new friends.  More than anything else in Middle and High School, relationships are what draws students to want to attend church. Camp United will not only be a great week in your child's life, it will be a catalyst for spiritual growth moving forward.

Who will be speaking and leading worship?

This year's camp speaker will be Keith Smith, Eastlake's Life Development Pastor. In addition to his staff responsibilities, Keith speaks at student camps and weekend events across the country.  Worship will be lead by the Eastlake Student Worship Team.

What if I other questions?

For other questions, feel free to talk to your campus pastor or email

Can my child have visitors at camp?

Due to Camp safety outside visitors are not allowed.

What does my child need to bring?

A list of what to bring and what not to bring can be accessed through this website. As camp dates near, students will be assigned a particular "color" group.  They will want to include clothing and items for their assigned color.

How will the students be getting to camp?

Transportation will be arranged by each participating campus.  The Chula Vista campus will be chartering busses.  Other campuses my use passenger vans or similar vehicles.

Can a specific menu be quested if my child has diet restrictions?

You can request a modified menu at

What if there is a medical emergency?

All students are required to complete an emergency release form in case medical attention is needed while away at camp.  in addition, medical personnel will be onsite.  Of course, if there is any incident needing medical attention, parents will be notified. There is a hospital just down the mountain in case of any emergency

What if my child needs to take medicine?

State law requires all medicine - prescriptions or over-the-counter - to be kept in designated first aid area and administered by medical personnel. Upon departure for camp, the medial personnel will receive all medicine to distribute at camp.